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Q&A With Kurtis Blow

Known for making history as the first rapper to sign with a major record label and earning Gold Record status with “The Breaks,” Kurtis Blow is a true hip-hop pioneer. Dive into his experiences in the 80s, his unique fashion sense, and what he’s excited about for the upcoming The 80s Cruise

Kurtis Blow

Q: Kurtis, you were the first rapper to sign to a major record label and The Breaks was the first rap song to hit Gold Record status. Did you realize at the time that you were channeling a massive shift in the music industry?

A: I had no idea of what was ahead of me. I knew I had made history, and it was a fascinating period. I was 19 and ready for the world.

Q: In the 80s, you were known for some amazing fashion sense, again you were breaking new ground. Are you bringing some of that with you when you perform on The 80s Cruise?

A: Yes, you will see some exciting fashion wear on the cruise.

Q: The 80s were an amazing decade, what’s one thing you are glad you left behind then and what’s one thing you would like to see come back?

A: I left behind the Jheri curl and messing up people’s couches lol. I would love to see the sale of vinyl records come back.

Q: What are you looking forward to when you join The 80s Cruise?

A: I am looking forward to the excellent food and the other performances.