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Guests with mobility issues may register to be seated in an accessible section of the Palace Theatre for each evening’s Main Show.

By registering, guests will have priority access to the designated accessible seating area, not a specific assigned seat, located near the rear of the theater to provide safe and convenient access.

Registering for the accessible seating area is only available in the Palace Theatre for the evening’s Main Show. All other shows and venues are available on a first come, first served basis.

Those who register will be allowed to enter the theater shortly prior to general admission with a maximum of one companion. Additional companions will not be allowed to sit in the accessible section, due to limited space. More information on entry will be delivered to registered guests closer to the time of sailing.

Guests who do not register prior to the cutoff date are not guaranteed priority access to the designated accessible seating area. Additional instructions will be provided to those who register approximately 30 days prior to the sailing.

Accessible Seating Request Form

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